becoming Codafree

Codafree Bootcamp

I help people get to the otherside of codependency, or what I call living codafree, in way less time than the decade it took me.

I teach people who are READY FOR CHANGE, how to break free from the imprisonment of codependency, reclaim their peace and happiness, and instead live codafree.

Learn more about the 10 principles of becoming codafree 

Self Love Seminar

In this Self Love Seminar you will learn simple steps to having better self-love, healthy boundaries, sustainable self confidence and resilience and how to keep it up even during the hardest times. This is something that will help you as you put in the work to bettering yourself and gain more self love.


I’ve gone to therapy for years, listened to self-development podcasts, read Co-dependent No More, and this bootcamp was exactly what I needed next. I wondered if it would just be redundant from what I had learned before… wrong. I found myself listening to just a few minutes of the content and then contemplating what I heard for days. What Corrine teaches really does make a dramatic difference in how you feel immediately upon applying it. And she makes it so easy to understand how to implement. I’ve seen myself and my behaviors with so much more clarity and had so many “aha” moments. If you identify with any codependent behaviors, TAKE THIS COURSE. It will change your life.