Becoming Codafree Bootcamp

Then for people who are really hungry to do the work and apply the principles exactly to their life, solidify the tools of living codafree, and have LASTING change, the full bootcamp is for you. I have 10 additional workshops with worksheets where we’ll DO THE WORK as it relates to YOU, and you’ll uncover what’s going on in your codependency, and how to instead live codafree.

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I help people who are exhausted from codependency to BREAK FREE and live what I call codafree. Codependency is when your happiness is tied to someone else’s choices.

Through either a basics audio course (just like a podcast) I teach the 10 most basic elements of codependency and what to to do to IMMEDIATELY feel better, and take back your peace.

Hi, I'm Corrine 


For the last 13 + years I’ve been working on how to overcome codependency.

Codafree is a word I made up to describe the opposite of codependent after lots of searching, praying, and pondering.

...and I’m here to guide you on your journey to becoming codafree.

Who is this for?


If you are at the end of your rope feeling buried by the bad decisions of other people, and you’ll do anything to feel better.

If you lose sleep over how unmanageable your life has become, and how unpredictable everything feels, because of the chaos of people you love.

If you’re always the person who “figures things out” or rushes to keep the peace when other people around you are a mess or upset or out of control.

If you run circles around people you love to keep them from drowning.

If you’ve become WAY too good at detective work of constantly checking up on or “watching out for” another adult in your life, a spouse or an adult child maybe.

God grant me the courage
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And wisdom to know the difference

-The Serenity Prayer-


Enroll Now

Enroll Now

*Click here to find out more info for the payment plan options for the Full Codafree Bootcamp

*Click here to find out more info for the payment plan options for the Basics Audio course

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codafree?
Freedom from codependency – embracing peace and taking your power back.
How does the bootcamp work?
A 10-lesson audio course teaching all the basics of becoming codafree to kickstart your journey. Then if you’ve bought the full course, you’ll unlock 10 different 40-min workshops with action-oriented worksheets for real-life application.
Who is this for?
Anyone ready to ditch codependency and excel at living Codafree™. Unsure? Take this quiz.
Costs and Value:
Check out our three-tier pricing with Black Friday deals ending soon.
Can’t afford it?
Consider CODA, ARP, Al-Anon for foundational support in recovery. Ready for more? This bootcamp is your VERY best investment in mental and emotional health.
Bootcamp vs. 12-Steps:
Not a replacement – this bootcamp is a perfect companion to any 12-step program, before, during, or after.
Complete the entire course that you purchased, and if at the end you learned nothing, you’ll get a full refund. That’s our promise for your peace of mind.
What you’ll learn:
From setting healthy boundaries to developing self-care routines, you’ll learn practical steps to stop codependency in its tracks.
Ready for change?
Enroll now for a Codafree life.
A few people have asked about a payment plan, so we added that as an option to all levels of the bootcamp! Now you don’t have to pay it all upfront at once if that’s not best for you. See your options here for the Full Bootcamp and here for the Basics Audio Course.

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I can't wait to walk you through your journey in

becoming codafree!!!